07 November 2013

Who, ME?

Do you know me?
You must think you do.
So wrapped in myself that I didn't notice.

Do you know me?
I can't picture it.
Fell further away than I want to care.

Can you still see?
It must be dark there.
Doesn't look like a place where I need to be.

Can you still see?
Remember to ask.
The light isn't that bright at this end either.

Is that what I need?
I haven't a clue.
Who am I to figure out what I wanted.

Is this what I need?
It looks so shiny.
Don't wanna break it like I did the others.

Can I be Joleen?
I want to know how.
But maybe I can try again tomorrow.

Can I be Joleen?
It feels funny.
There is probably no one else I could be.