28 September 2013


Of all the things I've done- remembering back the years-
of all the days long gone, wasted on my fears. 
Beneath the sky at night, resting on consideration,
waiting for the sight that comes from contemplation. 
Scan the clouds of day, staring down tomorrow;
hearing things I say, buried 'neath the sorrow.

Of all the dreams that fade- driven 'way by morning sun-
of all the choices I've made, to the feelings I've outrun. 
Emotions drown the sound of mocking in my mind;
compassion run aground by the soul left behind. 
The mistakes I make are beautiful, from the other side.
Yet insecurity can be cruel; confidence has died.

Of all the time I've waited- and waited and waited-
of all the self I've hated- and hated and hated. 
Understanding drained, feelings depleted.
Regretfulness gained, disgust completed. 
Bringing hope to start. Falling fast apart.
Hallow is the heart.
Hollow is the heart.